Pierre-Yves Roué is a wine lover and he will be delighted to share his passion with you!

Our cellar is one of the most famous in Brittany. Our purpose is to make you discover wines from every areas of France, especially biodynamic wine-growers. Indeed this kind of agriculture ensures the wine high quality and natural features, which matches perfectly with our cuisine.

Through the years, Pierre-Yves made a selection of about 600 references, with a large price range (from 28€).

Being able to propose you a wide et diversified wine list is a strong will of Ar Men Du.


The cellar of Ar Men Du is the result of meetings, sharing and exchanges between eagers.

It has been modelled and enriched over time by Pierre Yves and the various sommellier teams, today consists of around 600 references spread throughout the French vineyards.

You can also find a selection of the sommelier's wines in our delicatessen e-boutique:

Because we are concerned about the impact of viticulture on the environment, our selection is focused on wines from a sustainable and perennial culture with products elaborated in organic farming, with bio agriculture.

We do our best to highlight bio-dynamic products, which represent the excellence of people's work in the respect of nature.

A new movement in France is growing about "natural wines". Without any added sulphur, these wines are an exciting reflection and an extension of bio-dynamics. We support this movement with our selection of "vins nature". 

Dining at Ar Men Du Hotel in Névez, Brittany


Since we are attentive to change and spontaneous cravings, our selection of wines by the glass is neither established nor unchanging! In order to remain in a playful context and without redundancy, the available choice is wide and always results from an exchange with our guests, to best meet your expectations.

We offer you a "food and wine pairing" package:

  • 35€ (3 tasting glasses) 
  • 45€ (4 tasting glasses) 
  • 55€ (5 tasting glasses)


Find a selection of bottles from our cellar on our e-boutique, carefully elaborated by the sommelier.
This will give you the opportunity to taste different flavours, accordingly with your dishes!

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